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Accused Kidnapper Tammy Moorer Takes a Major Dig at Prosecutor in Snappy Exchange (WATCH)


Is it just us, or did accused kidnapper Tammy Moorer get very shady with Horry County prosecutor Nancy Livesay on Friday?

“When I became a reborn Christian, I became a completely different person than I am now,” she told Livesay from the stand. “I could sit here, and wonder how many married men you’ve slept with, but I’m not going to judge you on that, because that doesn’t mean you killed somebody. It doesn’t mean you’ve kidnapped somebody.”

Uh huh.

Moorer’s testimony became several levels of awkward Friday. Not only did she butt heads with the prosecutor, but her answers contradicted statements by her husband and co-suspect Sidney. Then she voiced anger at her husband, and said their relationship was over.

“And I hate him a lot now because he didn’t stand up for himself and testify at his last trial,” she said.

This estranged husband and wife are charged in the 2013 disappearance of 20-year-old Heather Elvis. Prosecutors say the victim was having an affair with Sidney, and that Tammy got jealous. Initial murder charges were dropped, but this case may stretch on for some time. Sidney Moorer was convicted for obstruction of justice, but a kidnapping trial ended with a deadlocked jury.

Now it’s Tammy’s time to face charges. On Friday, she testified that the accusation put a lot of stress on her family. She suffered a miscarriage while in jail, she wasn’t able to go to her father’s funeral while in lockup, and her children’s grades suffered, she said.

Moorer is painting herself as a victim of overzealous prosecutors.

After jurors left the room, Livesay asked that the judge tell Moorer to just stick to answering questions.

The defendant’s testimony continues Monday.

[Screengrab via WMBF]

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