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Judge Finds Father of Kidnapping Victim Guilty of Contempt After Altercation with Tammy Moorer’s Attorney (WATCH)


Tammy Moorer was found guilty on Tuesday for the kidnapping of 20-year-old Heather Elvis, who disappeared in 2013. Now, Elvis’ father Terry Elvis has been convicted on a charge of his own after an alleged altercation with one of Moorer’s lawyers.

Apparently during a break in the court proceedings early in the trial, Mr. Elvis saw Moorer’s defense attorney Casey Brown in the restroom, and Elvis was unable to keep his emotions in check.

A hearing took place Wednesday morning to address the incident, and Brown said that Elvis called him a name. Attorney Richard Scott Joye claimed to see Elvis call Brown a “despicable low life,” according to journalist Alex Lang of the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina newspaper The Sun News.


Victim’s services director Patty Fine testified at the hearing and discussed her relationship with the Elvis family and how much they have been through. Fine said she spoke to Terry Elvis about what happened, but she did not witness the incident. Fine noted that normally people on opposite sides of a case use separate bathroom facilities.

“He is a father that just wanted answers,” Fine said. “If what happened happened … it was just that, the victimization of a father that was speaking out.”

At the conclusion of the hearing, the judge found Mr. Elvis guilty of contempt and sentenced him to a fine of $400 or 30 days in a county detention center. If he chooses jail time, he would be allowed to serve on weekends.

Tammy Moorer was sentenced to 30 years in prison for her role in kidnapping Elvis, who was never found after she vanished in December 2013. Moorer and her husband had initially been charged with murder, but that charge was dropped in 2016. Sidney Moorer awaits a second trial for kidnapping after his first one ended in a hung jury.

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