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Corrections, Ethics & Diversity Policy

Corrections Policy:

When a factual error occurs in a story, Law&Crime requires a correction to be made promptly and a clear acknowledgement to be noted at the end of the story. If it happens on-air, we require a prompt verbal correction.

Ethics & Diversity Policy:

Law & Crime’s Editors/Hosts/Producers:

  • Hold those with power accountable for their actions and give those without a voice an opportunity to be heard
  • Take responsibility for the accuracy & reliability of content, and rely on original sources whenever it is possible.
  • Provide full and appropriate context in their reporting
  • Grant anonymity only to those who may face physical harm, danger, or professional consequences
  • Give subjects of news coverage advance notice to respond to questions and the opportunity to give quotes in response to a story
  • Seek out more diverse voices and sources on the topics we cover
  • Constantly look for opportunities to diversify our reader base & editorial staff
  • Are committed to creating and maintaining an open and inclusive workplace
  • Are transparent about paid content–clearly label sponsored articles or segments
  • Never plagiarize
  • Use sensitivity when covering victims of sex crimes, juveniles, or those who are unable to give consent
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any unavoidable conflicts
  • Refuse gifts or monetary compensation that could appear to compromise journalistic integrity or credibility

Law & Crime Network Standards and Practices On the Display of Death On Network Programming:

The following Standards set forth should be adhered to for all programming airing on the Law & Crime Network. Programs will not gratuitously display the death of an individual on the Network. Any portrayal of the death of an individual shall not be shown in excess of what is absolutely necessary for news reporting purposes. If a video containing a death is shown for b-roll purposes, the actual moment of death must not be shown, and only the moments leading up and following. In addition, the Law & Crime Network commits to make all efforts during live trials and live reporting to be respectful to all victims of a deadly crime.

We welcome feedback from our viewers and readers. If readers/viewers have a concern about our content, please reach us at [email protected].