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Watch Live: Closing Arguments in Tammy Moorer Kidnapping Trial


The prosecution and defense have finished calling witnesses to the stand, and now they will be presenting their closing arguments in the trial of South Carolina woman Tammy Moorer. Moorer is charged with kidnapping in the disappearance of 20-year-old Heather Elvis, who vanished in December 2013.

The prosecution’s theory throughout this case has been that Tammy Moorer was jealous that Elvis had an affair with her husband Sidney Moorer, and was possibly pregnant with Sidney’s child. Both Moorers have been charged in the case and were originally facing counts of murder until those were dropped in 2016. Sidney Moorer had a trial of his own that ended in a hung jury, but he still awaits a second trial. Last year, he was convicted of obstructing the investigation. Witnesses for the prosecution used cell phone location data to support their belief that Elvis was lured to a boat landing early in the morning of December 18, 2013 and then kidnapped. Her car was later found abandoned and she was reported missing.

Tammy Moorer testified in her defense, starting Friday and continuing into Monday morning. She claimed she played no role in Elvis’ disappearance and was upset at her husband for not testifying at his trial. She claimed that she had been victimized during the investigation, saying that over the course of this case, she suffered a miscarriage, her kids’ grades have gotten worse, and she missed her father’s funeral. She also got into heated exchanges during prosecutor Nancy Livesay‘s cross-examination, telling the attorney she “made my life miserable.”

This will be the final opportunity for the two sides to convince the jury one way or the other and avoid the result reached in Sidney Moorer’s case.

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