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Store Clerks Beat Back Armed Robbers in One-Sided Fight, Police Say (WATCH)


Two men tried to robbed a store only to get beaten back by employees, said police in Arlington, Texas on Tuesday. As seen in surveillance footage below, it seems like a pretty one-sided fight although the suspects wielded firearms.

In the video, a man in a hood points a gun at the store employees. He jumps over the counter, but the alleged victims are on him almostĀ as soon as he lands on the ground. They grab him. Then the other armed man, wearing a baseball cap and white shirt, points his weapon at them. The alleged victims’ response? One of them swipes at him. Meanwhile, they are not letting go of the suspect in the hoodie. Finally, the man in the white shirt leaves the store briefly, only to return so he can yank the man in the hoodie from the grip of the store employes.

The Arlington Police Department lightly chastised the alleged victims in a press statement.

“We do NOT recommend that you try and fight off armed robbers,” cops said. “These clerks got very lucky that they were not shot or killed.”

The suspects remain on the loose.

[Screengrab via Arlington Police Department]

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