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Ex-Beyond Meat COO pleads guilty to felony after taking a bite out of stranger’s nose in ‘uncontrollable rage’ following football game

Khristan Uran, Doug Ramsey

Victim Khristan Uran (L) pictured after the nose bite (image via exhibit in civil lawsuit), (R) Doug Ramsey (Washington County Sheriff’s Office)

The former chief operating officer at a plant-based “meat” company who was arrested in September 2022 for taking a bite out of a stranger’s nose after a college football game has pleaded guilty to two charges, resulting in no jail time.

Doug Ramsey, the ex-COO at Beyond Meat, Inc., pleaded guilty in an Arkansas courtroom Tuesday to felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor disorderly conduct, Law&Crime confirmed.

As a result of the plea, however, Ramsey will not spend time behind bars. Instead, Ramsey must serve three years of probation, perform 160 of community service, and pay a $1,000.

As Law&Crime reported at the time, the alleged incident took place in Fayetteville outside of Razorback Stadium, just after home team Arkansas Razorbacks beat their Missouri State opponent. As anyone who has ever left a packed sporting event can tell you, making your way home from parking is seldom an enjoyable experience — and sometimes people take exception to the driving decisions of others and engage in heated verbal exchanges.

Khristan Uran, the man since identified as the victim in the case, now alleges in a civil lawsuit against Ramsey that the Sept. 17, 2022, dispute began as a spat over whose turn it was to exit the parking garage.

Uran said he was a passenger in a Subaru driven by his fiancé’s dad Matthew Woolard when the group encountered Ramsey.

“Despite it being Plaintiff’s ‘turn’ to enter the line of cars exiting the parking garage, Defendant [Ramsey] attempted to prevent Matthew Woolard from pulling out of the parking space,” the recently filed lawsuit said. “When Matthew Woolard successfully entered the line of cars, Defendant—in a fit of rage—exited his vehicle and smashed through plaintiff’s rear window with his fist.”

One of the photo exhibits in the lawsuit showed the Subaru’s smashed-up rear window.

Khristan Uran pictured after Doug Ramsey attack.

Khristan Uran pictured after Doug Ramsey attack (images via civil lawsuit exhibits)

The plaintiff Uran, noting he was not intoxicated at the time of the incident, said that he responded to Ramsey’s punch of the window by exiting the vehicle and inspecting the damage. Ramsey falsely claimed the plaintiff hit his car and the defendant grabbed Uran by the collar, the lawsuit said.

Citing eyewitnesses of the incident, the lawsuit said Ramsey — “the aggressor” — “angrily” threw punches and ultimately “savagely bit into” Uran’s nose during the altercation.

“Plaintiff was helpless as Defendant’s teeth ripped Plaintiff’s tissue and tore Plaintiff’s septum,” the filing said. “Plaintiff experienced immense fear and terror as Defendant was latched onto Plaintiff’s face in an uncontrollable rage.”

“This fear and terror continued for what felt like a lifetime,” the suit added.

Uran also said Ramsey threatened to kill him.

Not long after being suspended by Beyond Meat, Ramsey reportedly resigned.

Bloomberg reported that Ramsey was also ordered to take anger management classes.

Law&Crime reached out to Uran’s attorneys of record, and they confirmed that Ramsey entered a guilty plea to the two aforementioned charges.

“While the criminal case is coming to a close as a result of the plea, the civil case is just getting started,” added attorney Joey McGehee.

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