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‘Mullet streaker’ bellyflops into pond at pro golf’s ‘Greatest Show on Grass’ before he’s arrested

A streaker took over the show at the WM Phoenix Open 2023. (Mugshot photo, left, from the Scottsdale Police Department. Screenshot from Golf Clips)

A streaker took over the show at the WM Phoenix Open 2023. (Mugshot photo of Sean Patrick McConnell, 27, left, from the Scottsdale Police Department. Screenshot, right, from Golf Clips)

A man in a Speedo and tennis shoes will go down in history as the “mullet streaker” after the spry sprinter bolted onto the course at one of professional golf’s most popular tournaments and bellyflopped into a pond before being arrested.

Sean Patrick McConnell, 27, earned his social media gold at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, “Greatest Show on Grass,” when he jumped from the bleachers, ran onto the course with arms outstretched, pole-danced a flagstick at the 16th hole, sprinted to a water hazard and jumped in.

He won the moment in the water hazard between the 17th and 18th holes, and secured a trip to jail.

He was booked on charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct, and failure to obey orders from a law enforcement officer, police said.

McConnell ignored commands by officers to immediately exit the water,” Scottsdale, Ariz., police said in a statement. “He eventually complied and swam to the 18th hole where he was placed under arrest.

He was not injured and declined medical treatment.

“He was never in physical distress while in the water,” police said. “He was never naked.”

He was booked on criminal charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct, and failure to obey a lawful order from law enforcement.

“We actually did a public service announcement video on our YouTube and our social media channels about staying out of the water and why,” Scottsdale Police Officer Aaron Bolin told NBC Phoenix affiliate 12 News. “The water is reclaimed water. It’s not inherently dangerous, but it’s not meant for human consumption, and it’s not meant for humans to go into.

“And so we want the message to be clear that people need to stay out of the water for their own health. It’s also illegal.”

In the PSA, Scottsdale Fire Department Capt. Dave Folio said the water’s disgusting.

“Trust me, people, stay out of the water. It’s got pesticides. It’s got chemicals that runoff from the golf course.”

Twitter lit up with reaction to the “mullet streaker.”

“Omg I was watching a bit of it today and the fans are insane!” tweeted Jen Fassino. “I had no idea golf fans were that gnarly and crazy hahaha. The mullet streaker killed me hahahaha. I’m shook.”

GolferBonn tweeted: “STREAKER ALERT: Fan runs onto 16 green, jukes security guard into another dimension, jumps into pond on 17.”

Eugene Mecke wrote: “STRIP TEES Watch streaker imitate stripper in just underwear on golf course at PGA Tour before belly flopping into pond.”

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