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Old White Man Berates And Attacks Young Asian Man While On California Train (WATCH)


A viral video shows an older white man berating and attacking a younger Asian man on a train in California. The incident occurred on a Bay Area Rapid Transit (“BART”) train earlier this week.

A series of epithets pour out of the old white man’s mouth. At one point he says, “I’ll punch you down into your seat. I’ll punch you down,” and then precedes to slap the Asian passenger on the shoulder.

Throughout the verbal and physical confrontation, the younger man remains poised and even maintains a fairly consistent smirk.

The victim’s all-but-perpetual coolness appears to rattle his attacker even more. The older man says: “Yeah, you Chinese [n-word]. Oh, you think I’m afraid of you?”

The young man calmly replies, “I never said that sir.” This response is apparently too much for the older man to take. He responds, “I hate you fucking Chinese fucks,” and hits the passenger in the face.

The passenger doesn’t let that one slide. He says, rising from his seat: “You put your hands on me one more time, motherfucker–”

As fisticuffs appear imminent, the passenger is quickly calmed as a woman steps forward–and in between the two–to defuse the situation. She convinces the younger man that the old, white bigot isn’t worth his time.

The scene apparently ends as the older man leaves the train after bucking in the younger passenger’s direction one last and futile time.

[image via screengrab]

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