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Man Arrested After Insane Video Allegedly Shows Him on Hood of Moving School Bus (WATCH)


A man was arrested Thursday for reportedly jumping onto the hood of a moving school bus. It was all caught on tape. Video shows a visibly furious person hanging onto the hood, slamming his fist, and yelling at the driver to stop the bus. The driver refused. Children can be heard laughing, shocked that this was happening. Cops identified the man as 68-year-old Leverne Ardin Doran, WBAL reported. Currently out of custody, he faces several charges including disorderly conduct and destruction of property.

This all started when a student allegedly threw a bottle out of the school bus at Doran’s car.

“A school bus traveling from Loch Raven Middle School was in traffic,” Baltimore County police Sgt. Andrea Bylen told the outlet. “It was sitting next to another vehicle. Allegedly, a bottle of some sort was thrown out of the bus toward that vehicle. At that point, the driver of that vehicle got out of his vehicle.”

Cops said Doran tried to get into the bus, but the driver wouldn’t let him in, afraid for students’ safety. The 68-year-old then got onto the hood of the vehicle, and the driver tried driving toward the police precinct. They didn’t make it there due to bad traffic, but Bylen said an off-duty officer saw what was happening, and got involved. Doran was arrested without incident, she said.

Cops said that children were never in danger. They are investigating whether anything was thrown out of the bus.

Law Newz could not reach Doran for comment as of press time.

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