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Bus Driver Totally Calm as 5th Grader Headbutts Him, Winds Up for Punch (WATCH)


For all the allegations about school employees and students clashing in abusive relationships, hate crimes, and debates about the n-word, it’s nice to see an incident that didn’t end badly, all things considered. A bus driver in El Reno, Oklahoma is seen on video remaining absolutely claim as a fifth-grader curses him out, apparently headbutts him, and winds-up to throw a punch, according to video obtained by KOCO.

El Reno School Superintendent Craig McVay told the outlet that the child, who remains unidentified, wanted to be let off the bus ride first, but not along the route. The boy got mad, so the driver told him to leave the bus. Instead, the 5th-grader tried to intimidate the older man, who was identified as Stan Mulanax.

As seen on video, the boy rushes at him, apparently headbutting him, and then winding up for a punch. The driver simply stood there.

“He took a very loving stance,” McVay said. “He backed away. He tried to talk him down. He tried to do everything he’s been taught to do.”

He said that something was clearly bothering the child “so we’re going to get that fixed with the parents and the child to see if we can move that to a positive place.”

[Screengrab via KOCO]

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