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Watch Live: Tammy Moorer Kidnapping Trial Day 9


The trial of South Carolina woman Tammy Moorer continues on Friday. Moorer is accused of being involved in the disappearance of 20-year-old Heather Elvis in 2013, along with her husband Sidney Moorer.

The prosecution, which rested their case earlier in the week, claim that Elvis was lured to a boat landing where she was abducted. Elvis was last seen alive on December 18, 2013, and her abandoned car was found the next day. At that point, she was reported missing, and after about two months of investigation, authorities apprehended the Moorers. Sidney faced a trial of his own that ended in a hung jury, and he still awaits a new trial, although he was also convicted of obstructing the investigation last year and sentenced to ten years in prison.

As for motive, prosecutors allege that Sidney Moorer and Heather Elvis had an affair that ended months prior to her disappearance and that there was a rumor that she was pregnant with his child. Witnesses also testified regarding the tension between Elvis and Tammy Moorer. Heather’s former boss said that Tammy once called him and asked him to fire Elvis, claiming Elvis was spreading rumors of the pregnancy. Elvis’ boss refused.

Elvis’ roommate also took the stand. She told the court that she believed that Elvis loved Sidney Moorer and feared Tammy.

Prosecutors say that Elvis was kidnapped by the Moorers months after she and Sidney Moorer ended an affair they were having, amid rumors that she was pregnant with his child. They called her old boss to the stand, who said that Tammy once called and asked him to fire Elvis because she was supposedly spreading rumors of the pregnancy. Moorer’s roommate also testified, saying that Elvis was in love with Sidney Moorer, but was afraid of Tammy.

The defense began calling witnesses on Thursday. Much of the day was devoted to the testimony of Tammy’s sister, Ashley Caison. Caison said that she was texting with Tammy on the night Elvis disappeared. Caison said she was babysitting Tammy’s children, and at 3:10 a.m. received a text from her that said, “Home.” Caison then gathered the kids to bring them back to the Moorers’ house, and saw Tammy and Sidney outside the home, about to go in. This was around the same time that they are accused of orchestrating Elvis’ kidnapping.

Tammy Moorer said that she plans on testifying in her own defense, although it’s unknown exactly when that will happen. It was believed that she was about to testify Wednesday afternoon, but then the court ended for the day. She never took the stand on Thursday. Perhaps her testimony will be heard on Friday.

Day 9 Part 1

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