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Accused Kidnapper Tammy Moorer’s Testimony Suggests That Husband Sidney Lied to Police Twice


Tammy Moorer, the South Carolina woman on trial in the disappearance of 20-year-old Heather Elvis, is contradicting claims by her husband and co-suspect Sidney.

She took the stand on Friday, and 1) claimed she never handcuffed him to the bed, and 2) claimed to be with him at a Walmart when he purchased a pregnancy test for her, and said he denied using a pay phone that night.

The thing is, he told cops that she did handcuff him to bed, and said that he did use the payphone in the early morning hours the night that Elvis disappeared.

Prosecutors said the Moorers are involved in 2013 disappearance of 20-year-old Heather Elvis.  Initial murder charges were dropped. Sidney was convicted of obstruction of justice, and sentenced to 10 years behind bars, but a kidnapping trial ended in a hung jury.

Now it’s Tammy’s turn to go to court. The pregnancy test narrative could be important to the verdict. Prosecutors claim Sidney had an affair with Elvis. It ended but there were rumors that Elvis was pregnant. Tammy was allegedly jealous. But if Sidney was buying a pregnancy test for his wife, not Elvis, then there’s less for the prosecution to go on.

During her testimony on Friday, Tammy Moorer presented herself as a victim of circumstance. The criminal accusations harmed her children’s academic performance, and subjected them to harassment, she testified. She added that she suffered a miscarriage while in jail. She also wasn’t able to attend her father’s funeral while in lockup.

“It destroyed my family,” she said.

Moorer testified that her husband led her to believe he was cheating on her. Sidney tried to hide text messages from her, she said.

“You wouldn’t hide a work call,” she said.

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