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Prosecution Plays Horrifying 911 Call in Opening Statements of War Machine Trial


Opening statements in the attempted murder trial of the mixed martial arts fighter War Machine are currently underway, and the prosecution went into some of the graphic details of what happened when the man formerly known as Jonathan Koppenhaver allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack and Corey Thomas in Mack’s home.

While telling the jury what happened on that night in August 2014, the prosecutor played an audio recording of the 911 call Mack placed while War Machine was allegedly assaulting Thomas. The operator answered the call, but all that can be heard on Mack’s end are chilling screams of her frantically pleading with War Machine to stop, yelling, “Let go of him!”

War Machine, who has displayed a flippant attitude towards the case during pre-trial hearings, could only look down solemnly as the tape played before the court.

The tape was used in the opening statement to give the jury a preview of what to expect when the State presents their case against War Machine. It will be played again during the trial when it is officially placed into evidence.

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