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Weird Slow-Speed Chase in U-Haul Ends After Crash, Bear-Hug, and Kiss (WATCH)


A driver in Montebello, California was caught on video Wednesday leading cops on a slow-speed chase in a U-haul pickup truck. No, it did not end after a crash with another white pickup. The U-haul, slowed down by a popped front-right wheel, can be seen finally stopping at 27:45 in the video above.

And no, the standoff did not end there. Beginning at 57:50, a man can be seen bear-hugging a woman in an apparent attempt to stop her from leaving the vehicle. The woman soon steps out with her hands up, hands behind her head. The man then follows her out, and starts to hug her again, kissing her. The woman, who could not be reached for comment, does not seem to like this: At 59:40, she tries to push him away, and apparently strikes him with her arms. Officials put a stop to this by tasing him. The woman was apprehended as well.

The Bell Gardens Police Department said in a Facebook statement that the chase started at 10:32 a.m. They tried to stop a stolen U-Haul truck, but the female driver sped off. They claim the chase went through several cities until the truck ran a red light and got into a car crash.

The California Highway Patrol laid out a spike strip, said Bell Gardens police, resulting in the truck losing the front-right tire, and soon stopping. Cops claim the suspects in the truck didn’t comply with orders, instead drinking alcohol and taking drugs. The woman soon tried to leave the vehicle, but the man tried to stop her, police said, so cops tased him.

The Montebello Police Department said in a Facebook post that they helped Bell Gardens Police end the pursuit.

Neither suspect was identified.

[Screengrab via Fox 11]

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