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WATCH: Assault Trial of NBA Stars Marcus and Markieff Morris Day 4


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The trial of Marcus and Markieff Morris continues Thursday in Phoenix, Arizona, starting at 1:30 p.m. EST, 10:30 am MST. Prosecutors say the twins, both professional basketball players, beat up 36-year-old Erik Hood outside a recreation center on Jan. 24, 2015.

The defendants were friends with the alleged victim for years, but police say they had a falling out over text messages Hood sent to the twins’ mother. This feud culminated in the alleged 2015 attack. Hood told cops he was talking to a friend of the Morris brothers when he was attacked from behind. The twins and three other men punched and kicked him as he tried to escape, Hood said. Investigators claim the alleged assailants escaped in a Rolls Royce, while Hood said he sustained broken nose and bruises to the head. The three other alleged attackers were also charged. Two pleaded guilty last week, and the third man Gerald Bowman stands trial with the brothers.

The defense blames the attack on on Julius Kane and Christopher Melendez, the men who pleaded guilty. They claim Hood pinned the attack on the Morris brothers because they were rich, and he thought he could make money off the allegation.

Hood returned to the stand yet again on Wednesday, and continued to insisted that all five defendants were involved in the beating.

Jacob Miller followed him to the stand. He said that that he saw the Morris brothers’ by the rec center at the time of the alleged beating.

Sharika Sherrod, one of Hoods’ friends, testified next. She said she saw the beating, and that the Morris twins were involved. She helped bring the alleged victim to the hospital, she said. Sherrod is scheduled to return to the stand on Thursday.

The twins are facing two counts each of aggravated assault. If convicted, they’d be suspended for at least 10 games under NBA policy because this is a violent felony. Marcus Morris joined the Boston Celtics this off-season, and Markieff Morris is a forward for the Washington Wizards. Missing games is the least of their worries, though: they also face up to four years in prison.

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