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Rider Kicked Off Bus After Calling Pregnant Woman ‘Fat Indian’ (WATCH)


A woman was kicked off a bus Thursday in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada because she hurled racist insults at a pregnant First Nations woman, according to a witness speaking to Global News.

“At least I didn’t get knocked up,” says the unidentified woman in a white jacket.

“Well that’s sad for you,” says a female rider from off-camera. “I’m really happy.”

“Yes you are because the government supports you,” says the woman.

Dalen Cardinal, the pregnant rider’s friend who said she was there with her six-month-old son, told the outlet she started recording after the other woman refused to stop throwing insults. She claimed that the woman in white “was calling her fat — a fat Indian. Saying we belong at the shelter because we’re no good for nothing Indians. Stereotyping us – saying we live off the government and at least she didn’t get pregnant young.”

Another rider called out the antagonistic woman.

“It’s none of your fucking business who supports who,” said the bystander.

“Fuck off,” says the woman in white.

Finally, the driver called out the woman, and set down an ultimatum.

“If you’re going to talk like that you have to get off the bus,” he says on footage.

The woman in white apparently kept throwing insults.

“You know what?” he says. “You can go wait for another bus,”

The video cuts off there.

“We’re proud of our operator,” Rowan Anderson, a spokesperson for Edmonton Transit Service, told the outlet. “He made a judgment call that he had heard enough and he gave the woman a fair warning.”

[Screengrab via Dalen Cardinal]

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