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Police Rescue Suspects’ Dog From Heroin Overdose


Police in Carrollton, Texas found a puppy in dire need of medical attention after they arrested his owners. Officers had apprehended Thomas Romero and Nina Crawford for allegedly switching price tags at a Home Depot, when the couple informed police that their 4-month-old Chihuahua was still in their car. The cops found the small dog on the vehicle’s floorboard, and he was reportedly suffering the effects of heroin, a police spokesperson told KHOU.

Police immediately took the puppy to a local emergency veterinary facility, where Dr. Stacie Fowler managed to save him. “He was extraordinarily lethargic, almost comatose, barely breathing, his heart rate was very, very slow, his body temperature was really low,” Fowler said. Fortunately, she was able to heal the puppy, who is on the road to recovery.

“If I didn’t know something happened to him,” Carrollton Animal Services Care Specialist Joe Skenesky told KHOU, “I wouldn’t know anything was wrong with him.”

Animal services renamed the Chihuahua in light of his recent ordeal. They are now calling him “Lucky.” They said that the owners have 10 days to reclaim their pet before Lucky will be put up for adoption.

[Image via Carrollton Police Department]


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