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‘Person of Interest’ in Triple Homicide Sought in Possible Murders of His Wife, Girlfriend


Three women, all killed by a single gunshot wound. One man, missing, and sought by investigators. Officials in Canyon County, Idaho are looking for Gerald ‘Mike’ Bullinger, 60, in connection to bodies found on his property, but the story behind behind these murders, and the presumed deaths of both his wife and girlfriend, remains unclear.

It appears that Bullinger was with two women at the same time: Cheryl Baker, who married him ten years ago; and his girlfriend Nadja Medley, mother of another presumed victim, 14-year-old Peyton Medley. But neither appeared to have knowledge of the other.

Baker and Bullinger, both Utah residents, purchased a new home in Idaho on May 3. Meanwhile, Nadja Medley, an avid social media user, had already announced that Bullinger had invited her to live with him. At the same home. Posts showed that he had met, and got along with daughter Nadja, even teaching her how to shoot.

“It all kind of hit us as such a shock that he was married because we had no idea,” Michelle Holtbrook, a friend of Nadja’s, told KTVB. She said it was like something seen on Investigation Discovery. “Was he living a double life? How did people not know?”

Family and friends haven’t heard from the women in weeks. They have assumed the worst after a welfare check on the Idaho home turned up three bodies in a shed. Investigators have stopped short of confirming that the victims are Baker and the Medleys.

“We are aware the three deceased females appear to be consistent in age and physical stature as the females that are reported to have been living at the location. The age ranges from mid-teens to mid-50s,” said Marv Dashiell, Chief Deputy of the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office, in a Wednesday press conference. He said they’re working with family members to identify the women, but finishing this process might take a while.

As for Bullinger, he actually isn’t facing murder charges. For now, all investigators say is that he remains missing and there’s a bondless warrant out for his arrest on failing to report dead bodies on his property. This case remains ongoing. The Sheriff’s Office says he might be armed and dangerous, and could be driving in a 2007 white Ford Focus with the Utah license plate 129 UMP.

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