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Man Uses Mallet to Beat Crap Out of Alleged Hit and Run Vehicle (WATCH)


New video shows a man beating the living crap out out of an SUV, after its driver was allegedly involved in a hit and run.

This story comes out of Miami, Florida, because, lol, of course it did. Footage shows a silver SUV in the middle of some pretty high traffic, and surrounded by a small crowd. A white man in shorts and a Navy blue shirt can be seen taking a what appears to a mallet or sledge hammer, and smashing the vehicle.

The guy just stands there like he’s playing a game of whack-a-mole, smashing the rear window. Then he steps to the passenger side, and starts working on those windows. Meanwhile, the SUV attempts to drive away, but cannot because of how much traffic there is.

This happened Sunday, according to an arrest report obtained by Local 10. Driver Maxwell Lagutenko, 25, crossed the median and hit an oncoming vehicle, police said. Even after that, he kept driving against traffic, crossed an intersection, and hit two other vehicles, cops claim. The footage showed drivers stepping out of their cars to stop Lagutenko from leaving the scene.

He managed to escape, however, but was later arrested after getting treatment from a Fire Rescue crew. That same crew stopped at the crash site, and asked police if their patient played a role, cops said.

Jail records obtained by Law&Crime show that Lagutenko remains at the Miami-Dade Turner Gilford Correctional Center on $6,000 bond, facing one count each of eluding a police officer, leaving the scene of accident, and reckless driving. He could not be reached for comment. Local 10 said he was appointed a public defender.

The man with the mallet has not been identified, nor have police announced any charges against him.

[Screengrab via Local 10]

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