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DUI Suspect Fails Cartwheel, Tells Cops He Deserves to be Jailed (VIDEO)


This is easily one of more unique arrest videos we’ve seen. Police in Cape Coral, Florida say they arrested Christopher Bidzinski, 30, for a DUI, according to NBC 2. A McDonald’s employee claimed to find him slumped over the wheel at the restaurant’s drive-thru.

Body cam footage dated January 24 show police confronting the man identified as Bidzinski.

“I bet you I can do a backflip right now,” the man said. Instead, he almost successfully performed a cartwheel.

He can also be seen telling officers, “Take me to jail. I beg of you. I deserve to go to jail.”

Cape Coral Police said the man admitted to drinking chardonnay. He then asked to eat more french fries after police requested he perform a field sobriety test. Bidzinski failed that test, and refused a breathalyzer, police said.

Cops claimed they later discovered an unopened bottle of wine in his truck. Bidzinski eventually fell asleep in the police car, and was locked up on $20,000 bond for one count of driving under the influence.

Jail records obtained by Law&Crime show he was released on Tuesday.

[Screengrab via Cape Coral Police Department]

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