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Man Allegedly Attacked Museum Security Guard over Crooked Painting


Art: It brings forth passion. Sometimes that leads to fights.

Police sources told WABC that a 46-year-old security guard got attacked Friday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. One visitor was allegedly looking at some artwork, and decided that one painting was crooked. He brought this to the attention of the guard, who said do not touch the art, and to instead file a complaint with the information desk. The guard turned his back, and that’s when cops say the visitor attacked using a glass bottle.

“Do your job,” the suspect allegedly said while walking away. Investigators claim they were able to trace his path through the museum because he left a blood trial leading outside. They believe he might have sustained an injury of some kind since so much blood was left behind.

The guard sustained cuts to the head, and hand.

Authorities describe the visitor as white, about 20 to 25 years old, and 5 feet, 8 inches tall. They also released surveillance footage of the suspect, which can be seen above.

[image via Kamira and Shutterstock]

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