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‘How Could You Do This to Me?!’: Burglary Suspect Cries Her Way into Home (WATCH)


Police in Mableton, Georgia say a burglary suspect acted her way into a victim’s home, crying as she told her sob story. We’d make an Academy Award joke, but video shows the suspect was soon joined by two masked gunmen.

As seen in the footage, a young woman rings the door of a home. She describes herself as “T’s girlfriend,” and was at the home to get money from him for an abortion.

Another woman, identified in reports as the homeowner, briefly answers the door before the suspect can be seen trying to push her way inside. The homeowner shuts the door before the suspect enters.

Then the young woman throws one hell of a tantrum.

“How could you do this to me?” she says. “You know I’m only 19. You know I don’t have no money.” She continues to cry, holding her hands to her face until the homeowner answers the door again.

“What’s your name?” she says, asking how the young woman got this address.

The suspect, who says her name is Amanda, insists that she “drives him out here all the time.” The footage, as obtained by the Georgia-based 11Alive, goes black, but soon shows two masked gunmen exiting the home.

Police said the woman and those two men had forced their way in, according to a Fox 5 Atlanta report. Cops said they are still seeking the suspects, including the young woman, who they described as a light-skinned black woman. Her black hair was braided into a pony tail, blond hair on the bottom, and she wore a long-sleeved shirt with the word “Reckless” on front. The gunmen were also black, police said, and all three suspects fled in an SUV, either colored silver or gray.

Cops said the homeowner escaped the house with her two children during the burglary, and called 911.

[Screengrab and video via 11Alive]

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