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Fox’s Judge Jeanine Claims ‘Sleaze Bag’ Anthony Weiner Will ‘Probably be Convicted’


Fox News personality and host Judge Jeanine Pirro appeared on 77WABC Radio Wednesday morning on the Bernie and Sid Show where the topic of the likely soon to be former Mr. Huma Abedin — disgraced ex-Congressman and failed New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner — came up.

The ex-Judge was asked about the possibility of an upcoming trial on charges that Weiner allegedly sent lewd pictures and sultry text messages  to a 15-year-old girl.  Pirro seemed pretty convinced things didn’t look good for Weiner. His case is widely reported to have possibly been the source of where FBI Agents found additional information related to the Hillary Clinton email scandal.


On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported persecutors were actually weighing child pornography charges against Weiner.  The Daily Mail, who originally broke the story in August, followed up and reported that Weiner was desperately trying to cop a plea deal.

“Look . . . the fact is she was 15 years old . . . and I think the fact that he had his son in bed with him shows that the he really doesn’t care about the age of anybody,” Pirro said.

She then added Weiner will “probably be convicted” and she did not believe the prosecutor had ” that difficult of a job” because Weiner is a “sleaze bag.”

Pirro said Weiner is in real trouble and “terrible shape” if the prosecution is able to get into all of the other evidence of him using the internet to interact with women in a lewd manner, regardless of age.  She does not believe the prosecutor would consider going forward unless they were confident they have the evidence necessary to convict him.

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