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Police Say Man Stole Jeep–With Toddler and Grandmother Still Inside


Chicago police are looking for the man who allegedly stole a vehicle with two people still inside: a one-year-old girl and her 60-year-old grandmother.

The two were riding with the driver (the toddler’s mother), and her son on the afternoon of March 23, according to a WLS report. The vehicle pulled over, and the driver left the car running as she and the son left.

As seen on video, there’s brief calm for a moment as grandmother and the toddler wait. Then a man in a hoodie casually walks up the sidewalk, around the front of the vehicle, then steps into the driver’s seat. The grandmother and police say this man just stole car like that.

“He told me get out of the car and then the baby started screaming and crying,” the 60-year-old, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told WLS. “I’m happy because nothing happened to her.”

Police say the man drove the vehicle for several blocks before the grandmother and child escaped. No injuries were reported.

“Broad daylight,” the grandmother said. “People are out and this guy just walked into the car like it’s nothing.”

Cops describe the vehicle as as black 2007 Jeep with Illonois license plates Z650654. One tail light is out, and the rear bumper is gone.

[Screengrab via WLS]

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