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Judge Jeanine: Trump is Right Because ‘Dead People Vote All the Time,’ And I’ve Prosecuted These Cases


Fox News and the cast of Outnumbered addressed President Donald Trump’s latest claims of voter fraud that he alleged during an early morning tweet storm on Wednesday.

Judge Jeanine Pirro joined the regular cast today on the couch and offered her opinion about President Trump’s often questioned claims of widespread voter fraud.  Heck, most journalists are to the point of just laughing every time Trump brings up the issue.

Judge Jeanine, however, wasn’t laughing and warned others that they should not just dismiss the matter with a laugh either.

“What people do not understand, and I’ve prosecuted these cases,” Pirro said, before dropping a bombshell.  “Dead people vote all of the time.”

She then seemed to acknowledged that some people might scoff at her remarks, before she continued.

“It’s called voter fraud . . . you go in and you vote under the name of someone who is deceased,” she said.

Pirro then described how the federal government has the job of “cleaning up the voter rolls” and even suggested the Obama administration neglected this duty and his DOJ “actively interfered” with attempts to do so.

The judge cited reports of the Obama DOJ attempting to block efforts to clear the voter rolls in Florida.

She then suggested undocumented immigrants can easily get on the voter rolls in some states by using other people’s names and said it is time that people stopped “kidding ourselves” about what is happening.

“This is not as ‘looney’ as it sounds,” Pirro concluded.

Despite Pirro’s apparent certainty, other groups like the Brennan Center for Justice recently released a report that found “most allegations of fraud turn out to be baseless.”

Given the President’s interest in the matter, this issue is likely to remain a hot button topic for some time — no matter what side you are on.

We reached out to Fox News for clarification on the cases Judge Pirro says she has prosecuted, but have not heard back by the time this was published.  We will update the story with a response as soon as we receive one.

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