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‘I’m Sorry’: Morgan Geyser Tearfully Apologizes to Victim During Slenderman Sentencing Hearing


One of the girls who tried to kill a classmate broke down in court Thursday, and apologized to the victim and the victim’s family.

“I’m sorry,” Morgan Geyser , 15, said from the defense table in Waukesha, Wisconsin. “I never meant for this to happen.”

Geyser pleaded guilty last year to attempting to kill a female classmate. Anissa Weier, who also participated in the attack, also pleaded guilty and was sentenced to at least three years in a mental hospital. All the girls were 12 at the time.

Authorities said Geyser and Weier lured the classmate to a Milwaukee park. The victim survived getting stabbed 19 times. The girls claimed they did it to appease the Slenderman, a fictional creature depicted in video games and online creepypastas. The girls thought he was real, the defense said.

Geyser, who was accused of doing the actual stabbing, was sentenced Wednesday to spend 40 years in a mental health institution.

Waukesha Circuit Court Judge Michael O. Bohren cited the severe intent behind the crime, and wanted to make sure she did not backslide on her treatment.

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