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WATCH: Star Witness Jason Autry To Testify in Holly Bobo Trial


The Tennessee murder trial of Zachary Adams will hit a critical juncture this morning. Alleged co-conspirator Jason Autry will testify against Adams at 11:30 Eastern, 10:30 Central time.

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Autry is one of four witnesses granted immunity by the state in return for testimony against Aams.

It has been reported that Autry’s statements to investigators led to a re-tooling of the state’s theory of how Bobo died.

During opening statements, prosecutor said Autry would confirm that the defendant, Adams, wrapped Holly Bobo in a blanket, put her in his truck, and asked Autry to help him get rid of her. According to prosecutors, Autry will explain that Adams planned to “gut” Bobo and dump her body into the Tennessee River. The “gutting” process would ensure she wouldn’t float.

Prosecutors also told the jury Autry would confirm that the pair discovered Bobo was still alive, and that Adams shot her to kill her.

Yesterday, witnesses testified that a skull and a few other bones discovered by hunters several years after Bobo’s disappearance matched her family’s DNA profile. The defense and prosecutors stipulated to an expert’s report (without any testimony on the matter) that the teeth and the skull matched Bobo’s dental records. A medical examiner testified that the skull had one bullet entrance wound and one bullet exit wound, though he could not definitively say whether or not the shot occurred while Bobo was alive or dead and could not say definitively what size bullet caused the hole.

Defense attorneys complained again this morning to being caught off-guard by the state’s calling of Autry. The judge said that Tennessee trials do not require advance notice of the calling of witnesses. Many other jurisdictions require witnesses to be disclosed to prevent unfair surprise and potential Sixth Amendment challenges.

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