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Watch: Jason Autry Sentenced in Holly Bobo Murder


Jason Autry, who was a key state’s witness in the 2011 murder of Tennessee woman Holly Bobo, is scheduled to be sentenced Monday for his role in the crime.

Zachary Adams was found guilty in 2017, and sentenced to life in prison. His brother John Dylan Adams accepted punishment for the murder in 2018, taking a plea for facilitation of first-degree murder and especially aggravated kidnapping, though he did not admit wrongdoing. He was set for 35 years behind bars. A fourth suspect Shayne Austin previously died by suicide.

At the trial of Zachary Adams, Autry testified that the defendant recruited him to help dispose the body of the 20-year-old Bobo. He said that he noticed the victim was still alive, and that Adams shot her. He claimed the defendant admitted raping Bobo, and that brother John Dylan Adams and Austin also engaged in this.

As may be expected, the defense attempted to undermine Autry’s credibility. They had Terry Dicus, the former lead investigator in the case, testify. He asserted that he did not think the defendants were involved. He instead pointed the finger at convicted sex offender Terry Britt.

Autry admitted to previously lying about what happened, and that he was testifying to get lenience from authorities, but jurors believed the state, when convicting Zachary Adams. A Hardin County judge denied in August a request for a new trial for this defendant.

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