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Watch Live: David Copperfield Civil Trial


Court continues in the civil trial against  David Copperfield (born David S. Kotin) in Las Vegas Nevada. Jurors will decide whether he and the other defendants are responsible for an alleged slip and fall at a show in 2013. Former fan Gavin Cox sued, saying he was randomly chosen to participate in a disappearing trick with 12 other people. He blamed Copperfield, the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, and even the construction crew for leaving the backstage area in which he fell covered in dirt and debris. The defense said that Cox did not slip on debris, but fell because he missed a step. If they lose, they’re set to hand over quite a bit of money because the plaintiff claims to have suffered brain damage from the incident, and needs help breathing when he’s sleeping.

Copperfield has testified that he wasn’t aware of Cox getting injured until the lawsuit was filed in 2014, and that he wasn’t aware of anyone else being hurt during the trick, known as Lucky 13. He said he didn’t notice any debris on the night of the incident. The illusionist is set to return to the stand next week, but sorry, court watchers, you won’t get to learn much more about his tricks. An appeals court ruled on Tuesday that the public and media must be kicked out of the room whenever attorneys ask him questions about his other illusions.

Adam Deutsch, Cox’s attorney, told the judge when the jury was out of the room that three women stepped forward after Copperfield and his executive producer Chris Kenner testified that no one was hurt during the trick. Two women claim to have gotten hurt at other shows, and a third said she knew about someone else getting injured. The judge ruled they would have to be questioned by the defense before they can testify.

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