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Watch Live: David Copperfield Civil Trial Day 12


[Watch the live feed in the player above when court begins at 9 a.m. PST / 12 p.m. EST]

Court continues Friday in the David Copperfield civil trial. Plaintiff Gavin Cox is suing him, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, and other defendants for an alleged slip and fall sustained at a show in November 12, 2013. Cox said he and 12 other audience members were chosen to participate in a disappearing act called “Lucky 13.” They were rushed through a dark backstage area, Cox said, and he fell down because of dirt and debris negligently left behind.

Copperfield and executive producer Chris Kenner testified that before the plaintiff, they weren’t aware of anyone else getting hurt during the trick. Other witnesses, however, said people had in fact fallen. This included a Michigan school teacher who said she fell when participating in the trick in 2013. Another woman, Patricia Esack, testified via videotaped deposition that she fell and broke her wrist while participating in the 13 trick in 2002. The magician, she claimed, called while she was at the hospital, but they never spoke because her mother picked up the call, and chewed him out. Cox’s wife Minh-Hahn testified that she attended the 2013 show with her husband, and saw that he was covered in dust after the trick.

The plaintiff rested his case on Thursday after Copperfield returned to the stand for a cross-examination with Cox’s attorney Benedict Morelli that got testy at times. The magician testified that when he heard about the lawsuit, he reviewed the backstage area in which the fall allegedly happened and made sure there weren’t any obstructions, including any “lip in the concrete.” He insisted that he took care in reviewing these areas for “every show” so he could best understand what the participants go through.

The defense is expected to begin presenting their case on Friday.

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