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Watch Live: David Copperfield Civil Trial Day 11


[Watch the live feed in the player above this article when court begins at 9 a.m. PST / 12 p.m. EST]

Court continues Thursday in the David Copperfield civil trial. Former fan Gavin Cox blames him and other defendants, including the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, for a slip and fall sustained at a show in November 12, 2013. He and 12 other audience members were chosen to participate in a disappearing trick, called “Lucky 13.” They were rushed through a dimly lit backstage area where he fell because of dirt and debris he claims were negligently left behind.

As made clear through opening statements and testimony, both sides of the case are struggling over a narrative: Was the trick safe for participants? Was Cox completely sure that he fell because of debris?

Copperfield and executive producer Chris Kenner have both testified that before Cox, they weren’t aware of anyone alleging to be hurt during the trick, but a Michigan schoolteacher said she fell while participating in the trick in 2013, and wasn’t asked to fill out an incident report.

Magicians tend to keep secret how their tricks work, so the trial against one of American’s most popular performers garnered a lot of attention. The defense doesn’t have to worry about at least some of his illusions getting publicly, however. Because of a Nevada appeals court ruling, the public and media have to be kicked out if attorneys ask him about his other tricks.

Cox’s wife Minh-Hahn Cox testified on Wednesday about accompanying her husband to the show.

“For me, it was all rather dull,” she said, explaining that she wasn’t paying attention when the audience members were being chosen for the Lucky 13 trick. Mrs. Cox did not participate in the illusion.

She said that after she reunited with her husband post-trick, she noticed he seemed miserable and was completely covered in dust. She took pictures of him while he was in the ER. He, including his shoes, were clean before the show, she testified.

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