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What Time Does Electoral College Vote? Here’s a State-by-State Guide


Trump and Clinton via shutterstockOn Monday, the Electoral College will cast their votes to determine the next President of the United States. While Donald Trump won the majority of electoral votes in the general election, there has been buzz ever since that some electors may go off in their own direction and vote for someone else. Should Trump not end up with the required 270 electoral votes needed to become President, the House of Representatives would choose the President from the three top electoral vote-getters (or two if all the votes are split between Trump and Hillary Clinton).

Here is a list of when each state’s electors will be meeting. All times are in Eastern Time (information is from the National Association of Secretaries of State, unless otherwise specified).

Alabama: 1:00 pm

Alaska: 3:00 pm

Arizona: 12:00 noon (according to the Arizona Secretary of State’s website)

Arkansas:  11:00 am

California: 5:00 pm

Colorado: 2:00 pm

Connecticut: 12:00 pm

Delaware: 12:00 pm

D.C.: 12:00 pm (according to  2012’s time, as per

Florida: 2:00 pm (according to Florida Department of State)

Georgia: 12:00 pm

Hawaii: 7:00 pm

Idaho: 2:00 pm

Illinois: 11:00 am

Indiana: 10:00 am

Iowa: 4:00 pm (according to WHO-TV)

Kansas: 1:00 pm

Kentucky: 12:00 pm

Louisiana: 1:00 pm

Maine: 2:00 pm

Maryland: 1:00 pm (according to Maryland State Board of Elections)

Massachusetts: 3:00 pm (according to The Boston Herald)

Michigan: 2:00 pm

Minnesota: 1:00 pm

Mississippi: 11:00 am (according to WLOX)

Missouri: 3:00 pm

Montana: 4:00 pm

Nebraska: 3:00 pm

Nevada: 5:00 pm (according to the Nevada Secretary of State’s website)

New Hampshire: 10:00 am (according to New Hampshire Public Radio)

New Jersey: 3:00 pm

New Mexico: 1:00 pm

New York: 12:00 pm

North Carolina: 12:00 pm

North Dakota: 2:00 pm

Ohio: 12:00 pm

Oklahoma: 11:00 am

Oregon: 2:00 pm (according to KTVZ)

Pennsylvania: 12:00 pm

Rhode Island: 12:00 pm

South Carolina: 11:00 am

South Dakota: 1:00 pm

Tennessee: 10:00 am

Texas: 3:00 pm

Utah: 2:00 pm

Vermont: 10:00 am (according to

Virginia: 12:00 pm

Washington: 3:00 pm

West Virginia: 10:00 am (according to

Wisconsin: 1:00 pm

Wyoming: 2:00 pm


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