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LIVE UPDATES: Electoral College Vote Results


Donald Trump via Andrew Cline and Shutterstock, Hillary Clinton via a katz and ShutterstockOn Monday, the Electoral College will cast their votes to determine the next President of the United States. While Donald Trump won the majority of electoral votes in the general election, there has been buzz ever since that some electors may go off in their own direction and vote for someone else. Should Trump not end up with the required 270 electoral votes needed to become President, the House of Representatives would choose the President from the three top electoral vote-getters (or two if all the votes are split between Trump and Hillary Clinton).

Here at, we’ll be keeping track of the votes in each state, with updates as the results come in. Results by state can be found below the updates.

Total: Trump: 304      Clinton: 227      Colin Powell: 3      John Kasich: 1      Ron Paul: 1      Faith Spotted Eagle: 1      Bernie Sanders: 1

Faithless electors: There were 4 from Washington State, who had been designated for Clinton. Three of them voted for Colin Powell, and the fourth voted for Faith Spotted Eagle. Hawaii had one who had been designated for Clinton and voted for Bernie Sanders. There were also 2 from Texas, who had been designated for Trump. One voted for Ron Paul, and the other for John Kasich. Additionally, three Clinton electors in Colorado, Maine, and Minnesota tried to vote for other candidates and were dismissed.


Update 7:11 pm: Hawaii casts 3 votes for Clinton, 1 vote for Bernie Sanders

Update 5:40 pm: California casts 55 votes for Clinton

Update 5:29 pm: Texas casts 36 votes for Trump, 1 vote for Ron Paul, and 1 vote for John Kasich.

Update 5:20 pm: Washington, D.C. casts 3 votes for Clinton.

Update 5:10 pm: Nevada casts 6 votes for Clinton.

Update 4:35 pm: Montana casts 3 votes for Trump.

Update 4:28 pm: New Jersey casts 14 votes for Clinton.

Update 4:23 pm: Iowa casts 6 votes for Trump.

Update 4:16 pm: Alaska cast 3 votes for Trump, Massachusetts cast 11 votes for Clinton.

Update 3:45 pm: Washington cast 8 votes for Clinton, 3 votes for Colin Powell, and Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American activist from South Dakota, received one vote.

Update 3:38 pm: Reports from Washington say that three of the state’s 12 electors have voted for Colin Powell, and one for Faith Spotted Eagle, and the rest for Clinton. The elector meeting has not concluded, and it remains to be seen if the non-Clinton votes will be accepted.

Update 3:32 pm: Nebraska cast 5 votes for Trump. Washington electors had the opportunity as votes were being tallied to say a few words at the elector meeting. Elector Levi Guerra, the first to speak, pointed out how for the first time in recent memory, people are paying attention to the Electoral College’s process.

Update 3:27 pm:  Missouri cast 10 votes for Trump.

Update 2:56 pm: One Colorado elector reportedly would not vote Clinton (they are rumored to have voted for John Kasich), but was dismissed. Colorado then cast all 9 of their votes for Clinton.

Update 2:37 pm: Maine casts 3 votes for Clinton and 1 vote for Trump.

Update 2:36 pm: Maine electors to now vote again.

Update 2:34 pm: Maine casts 2 votes for Clinton, 1 vote for Trump, and 1 vote for another candidate who was not named on the record. That elector is now being given the opportunity to vote again, because that vote was deemed out of order.

Update 2:33 pm: Wyoming casts 3 votes for Trump.

Update 2:31 pm: Florida casts 29 votes for Trump.

Update 2:30 pm: Oregon casts 7 votes for Clinton.

Update 2:24 pm: North Dakota casts 3 votes for Trump, Idaho casts 4 votes for Trump, Utah casts 6 votes for Trump.

Update 2:22 pm: Michigan casts 16 votes for Trump.

Update 2:15 pm: New Mexico casts 5 votes for Clinton.

Update 2:01 pm: Minnesota casts 10 votes for Clinton.

Update 1:54 pm: Minnesota elector refuses to vote Clinton, is replaced.

Update 1:34 pm: Alabama casts 9 votes for Trump.

Update 1:31 pm: Maryland casts 10 votes for Clinton.

Update 1:24 pm: Kansas casts 6 votes for Trump, Wisconsin casts 10 votes for Trump

Update 1:18 pm: Kentucky casts 8 votes for Trump, Ohio casts 18 votes for Trump

Update 1:16 pm: Louisiana casts 6 votes for Trump

Update 1:12 pm: South Dakota casts 3 votes for Trump

Update 1:06 pm: Virginia casts 13 votes for Clinton, Pennsylvania casts 20 votes for Trump.


Here are the results by state:

Alabama: 9 votes for Trump

Alaska: 3 votes for Trump

Arizona: 11 votes for Trump

Arkansas:  6 votes for Trump

California: 55 votes for Clinton

Colorado: 9 votes for Clinton

Connecticut: 7 votes for Clinton

Delaware: 3 votes for Clinton

D.C.: 3 votes for Clinton

Florida: 29 votes for Trump

Georgia: 16 votes for Trump

Hawaii: 3 votes for Clinton, 1 vote for Bernie Sanders

Idaho: 4 votes for Trump

Illinois: 20 votes for Clinton

Indiana: 11 votes for Trump

Iowa: 6 votes for Trump

Kansas: 6 votes for Trump

Kentucky: 8 votes for Trump

Louisiana: 8 votes for Trump

Maine: 3 votes for Clinton, 1 vote for Trump

Maryland: 10 votes for Clinton

Massachusetts: 11 votes for Clinton

Michigan: 16 votes for Trump

Minnesota: 10 votes or Clinton

Mississippi: 6 votes for Trump

Missouri: 10 votes for Trump

Montana: 3 votes for Trump

Nebraska: 5 votes for Trump

Nevada: 6 votes for Clinton

New Hampshire: 4 votes for Clinton

New Jersey: 14 votes for Clinton

New Mexico: 5 votes for Clinton

New York: 29 votes for Clinton

North Carolina: 15 votes for Trump

North Dakota: 3 votes for Trump

Ohio: 18 votes for Trump

Oklahoma: 7 votes for Trump

Oregon: 7 votes for Clinton

Pennsylvania: 20 votes for Trump

Rhode Island: 4 votes for Clinton

South Carolina: 9 votes for Trump

South Dakota: 3 votes for Trump

Tennessee: 11 votes for Trump

Texas: 36 votes for Trump, 1 vote for John Kasich, 1 vote for Ron Paul

Utah: 6 votes for Trump

Vermont: 3 votes for Clinton

Virginia: 13 votes for Clinton

Washington: 8 votes for Clinton, 3 votes for Colin Powell, 1 vote for Faith Spotted Eagle

West Virginia: 5 votes for Trump

Wisconsin: 10 votes for Trump

Wyoming: 3 votes for Trump

[Images of Donald Trump via Andrew Cline/Shutterstock, Hillary Clinton via a katz/Shutterstock]


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