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WATCH: This Naked Man Flings 100-Pound Weights from Top of Crane


Ten hours. That’s how long it took police in Hollywood, Florida to get a naked man to stop hurling junk off the top of a 300-foot crane on Sunday. The Hollywood PD said in a Facebook post that the man, who was apparently suicidal, climbed up the construction machine, and then threw various objects, including his clothes, down below.

Officers responded to the scene at 3:00 am to find Travis Bernard already atop the crane, and saw him throw debris, including 100-pound weights meant to secure the crane, to the street, damaging city property. Cops worked to keep bystanders away, and also managed to set up a system to lift food and clothing up to him, CBS Miami reported.

At the end of the stand-off, police were table to talk Bernard into coming down, and then they tasered him and arrested him for criminal mischief, vandalism, and trespass. He was taken to a hospital and then medically cleared. However, authorities used the Florida mental health law known as the Baker Act to hold him for a psychological evaluation.

[Image via CBS Miami screengrab]

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