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Trump Claims He Would’ve Won the Trump University Lawsuits He Just Settled


image-via-action-sports-photography-and-shutterstockPresident-elect Donald Trump said on Saturday that he settled three contentious fraud lawsuits for $25 million because he just didn’t have the time anymore. He claims he would have won had these gone to trial.

Plaintiffs claimed that Trump University, which went defunct in 2010, was a scam. The federal trial in one of the lawsuits, presided over by Judge Gonalzo Curiel, was slated to begin on Nov. 28. As recently as Nov. 10, Trump attorney Daniel Petrocelli asked for a delay until early 2017.

This is the end of a very heated process. Trump complained in February that Curiel, an American-born man of Mexican descent, was biased against him because of the then-candidate’s controversial immigration policy.

These Saturday tweets may signal the probability of other threatened lawsuits, this time with the President-elect as a plaintiff. During an October 22nd rally, he said that once the election was over, he’d sue the women who’ve accused him of sexual assault. He claimed they all lied. founder Dan Abrams said at the time that this was just unlikely in part since it would be a lot to juggle.

“Going through a lawsuit is very time consuming,” Abrams told Good Morning America about the then-candidate’s threat. “You have to sit through depositions, and hours, and hours, and hours. And he’s talking about suing 10, 11, 12 people? He’s going to go through these depositions when he’s President of the United States?”

We’ve reached out to a Trump lawyer for comment.

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