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The Brady Campaign’s President Straight Up Blames Trump For Orlando Terror Attack


TrumpDan Gross, the President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, blamed Donald Trump in a hellacious tirade after the Orlando terror attack during a conference call with reporters on Monday.  Gross accused Trump of “fueling the fires of hatred” that lead some people to commit acts of terror, like what occurred in Orlando on Sunday.

“We’ve had enough of politicians like Donald Trump who preach hatred,”  Gross reportedly said during the conference call, according to the Free Beacon. “We’ve had enough of policies that allow people filled with hatred to carry out tragedies like the one in Orlando.”

In addition to Trump, Gross took aim at what he believes to be America’s lax gun laws and called it a “devastating combination.”

He then added, “We just can’t allow it anymore, we can’t allow people like Donald Trump to fuel that hatred, and we can’t let it be so easy for people to get guns. We can do so much better than this and the American public overwhelmingly agrees.”



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