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Actor Seth Rogen Said He’s Known about Trump and Stormy for a Decade


Hollywood star Seth Rogen said during an appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” Monday that he’s known about Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels‘ sexual relationship for a decade now.

Rogen said that it didn’t occur to him as Trump ran for president that sex with a porn star would be something anyone would care about, but he realized after seeing Stormy Daniels in the news that she “may have mentioned some of this stuff around 10 years ago.”

“I’ve known Stormy Daniels a long time, and I’ll be honest, she may have mentioned some of this stuff around 10 years ago,” he told Ellen. “At the time, when you ask a porn star who they’ve been sleeping with and the answer was Donald Trump, it was, like, the least surprising thing that she could’ve said.”

Rogen said no one seemed to care about anything Trump said or did during his campaign for president so he didn’t connect the Trump-Stormy dots.

“Again it wasn’t — at the time — wasn’t that surprising and then, as his campaign rolled out, it became clear that no one cared about anything he did,” he continued. “So, it didn’t really occur to me even that it would come out or that anyone would care about it, but then when I saw it, I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, Stormy told us all about that.'”

Much has been made of the Trump-Daniels relationship since it was revealed that she was paid $130,000 by Trump lawyer Michael Cohen in 2016 to remain silent about the encounter.

The publicity culminated in a much-anticipated interview on 60 Minutes, during which Daniels said she was threatened. 

[Screengrab via The Ellen Degeneres Show]

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