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Sculpture Dedicated to Donald Trump Burnt Down in New York


Image via ABC7 screengrab In May, homeowner Sam Pirozzolo of Staten Island, New York, had a giant red, white, and blue sculpture made in the shape of the letter T to honor Donald Trump. It stood on his front lawn for three months, meeting its demise late Saturday night/early Sunday morning at 1:00 a.m. when, according to WCBS TV, someone set it ablaze.

Pirozzolo believes the arson was politically motivated, and addressed the firebug when he spoke to WCBS. “You ignored my rights, you trampled my civil right, you’re trampling my property, and you’re setting fire to my personal property,” he said. His neighbors were surprised this happened in the first place, telling WCBS’s Ali Bauman that their neighborhood is solidly pro-Trump.

As of this writing, there is no evidence as to whether this was “just” a prank or something more. For Pirozzolo’s part, he has pledged to work with the same artist who made to first sculpture to create an even bigger one.

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