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‘Prepare to Die C*ck Sucker’: Mueller Reportedly Looking into ‘Threatening’ Roger Stone Emails


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Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s examination of former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone reportedly includes asking the question of whether he sent threats over email to Randy Credico, a radio host/comedian acquaintance of Stone’s, who Stone reportedly asked to contact WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

In case you missed it, Credico has declined a request for a voluntary Mueller interview, in part, because he doesn’t want to be known as a “rat.” Mueller has responded with  a subpoena.

According to Mother Jones, emails revealed to have existed in May, including one from Stone that said, “prepare to die cock sucker,” are on Mueller’s radar. Credico’s lawyer Martin Stolar said that he believes Mueller is interested in the Stone-Credico-Assange connection to the 2016 hack of the DNC and dirt on then-candidate Hillary Clinton.

Two unnamed people “familiar with the matter” added that Mueller’s team “saw some emails” and are investigating if Credico was threatened. The email we’ve highlighted above has been the subject of some dispute.

While Stone said that he was responding to Credico telling him”he had terminal prostate cancer,” Credico said he never said anything of the sort and did not have prostate cancer. Some might find this an odd thing to say in that situation, anyway.

Stone responded to the report by saying if Credico is compelled to testify he would “urge” him to “simply tell the truth,” the truth being that Stone did nothing wrong.

“I have testified truthfully before the House Intelligence Committee that Randy Credico was the source who confirmed Assange’s June 2016 CNN interview in which the Wikileaks publisher said he had substantial information on Hillary Clinton,” Stone said. “As I testified Credico told me this material would be released in October. I now realize that Credico’s source was a Wikileaks lawyer and not Assange himself. At no time did Credico tell me what the source, content or scope of the WikiLeaks disclosures would be. ”

As Law&Crime reported previously, Credico has said that “the last thing that I would like to be known as is a rat.”

“I didn’t talk to the House committee and I’m not going to talk to the Senate committee,” he said. As a result, Special Counsel Mueller countered with a subpoena.

Former Stone aide Andrew Miller is another person who has taken the hard way when presented with the options of voluntary cooperation and compelled cooperation. Former Stone aide Kristin Davis, on the other hand, has cooperated voluntarily.

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