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10 Most Shocking Details from O.J. Simpson’s ‘Hypothetical’ Confession


After more than a decade, OJ Simpson‘s “confession” is finally revealed to the world. In his 2006 interview with famed publisher Judith Regan, he insists it was all just a “hypothetical,” but that ‘s not how others saw it. 

“That’s his confession,” said Regan, who joined host Soledad O’Brien for Sunday’s 2-hours FOX special of OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession? This is the first time that the interview has ever aired because News Corporation originally cancelled the special after receiving harsh criticism.

“I think he’s confessed to murder,” said Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden, who appeared on a panel commenting on the bombshell interview. After Simpson described the “hypothetical” murder, he told Regan, “we are out of the hypothetical now.”

Here are the the most shocking details of Simpson’s “confession” to the June 12, 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Remember, this is Simpson’s “hypothetical” story.

1. “Charlie” 

In the 2006 interview , Simpson told Regan that on the night of murder, he was hanging out with a friend of his named “Charlie.” Charlie warned him about Nicole spending time with another man, so Simpson went to confront her. He and Charlie took the infamous white Bronco and parked in an alley. He put on a cap and glove, while Charlie took a knife that Simpson had in the vehicle for self-defense.

2. Goldman took a “karate” stance before the murder.

Simpson and Charlie got to Nicole’s house, the music was on. There, they met Goldman, who claimed he was at the house to drop off glasses. Simpson didn’t believe that. In any case, a verbal fight ensued. Charlie followed Ron into the house to have Simpson’s back just in case. At one point, Simpson claims Nicole fell and hurt herself, and at that point, Goldman did a “karate thing.” Simpson remembers taking the knife from Charlie.

3. Simpson’s insists he doesn’t remember the murder itself. But remembers leaving the glove.

In his “hypothetical,” Simpson had a memory blackout of the actual murders. The next thing he does remember is seeing everything covered in blood. He then claims he must have left his glove.

“I had no conscience memory of doing that [leaving the glove], but obviously I must have done it because I left the glove there,” he said.

Former OJ prosecutor Chris Darden, who was part of a panel reacting to the Simpson interview, took issue with the claim that Simpson had a friend at his side during the murders.

“I think Charlie is OJ,” Darden said. Regan admitted she never pushed Simpson on who “Charlie” was because she wanted him to continue with the interview.

4. He remembers dropping bloody clothes in a bundle.

“Someone had to get rid of the bloody clothes,” he said during the interview. He left his wallet and keys in his pants pocket. He was with Charlie in a panic, and claims he parked a block away. Simpson said he went through the neighbors’, through 2 tennis courts and then back to his house. Then Simpson claims he went upstairs and took a shower, and got his bags. He later got in the car and went to the airport — to head to Chicago. He had a golf tournament to attend to.

5. Simpson said he didn’t get the cuts on his hand from murder. 
During the interview, Simpson insisted that the cuts on his hands did not come from the murders. He said the injuries happened around the time he got a call from LAPD the day after the murder. Police had called him to inform him about his ex-wife’s death. However, investigators believe the cuts came from one of the victims during the murder. Simpson claimed that was not possible because he didn’t have the cuts when he was signing autographs on his way to Chicago.

During the panel discussion, former OJ prosecutor Darden said it was “a complete lie” that he didn’t start bleeding until he got to Chicago.

6. Simpson was “surprised” at how fast people believed he was guilty.

After his account of the murder, Simpson said “We’re out of hypotheticals here.”

Police wanted to speak to him, and he insisted on being brought to the house. Simpson described himself as a voracious reader of mystery novels, and he said that he knew you shouldn’t talk to the cops unless the interview is being recorded.

7. Simpson claims he doesn’t really remember the funeral.

But he discussed yelling at Nicole’s grave, screaming “Didn’t I tell you?” In the interview, he described their relationship as troubled, and said that even though she was dead, he still felt a lot of anger toward her.

Darden said Simpson’s behavior at the funeral was indicative of his need to control Nicole.

“He had lost control, and did what he always said what he would do,” Darden said. “He killed her. Now he has no control.”

8. Infamous Bronco chase started because he wanted to see Nicole’s grave.

After being asked to surrender to cops in connection with the death of his ex-wife, Simpson took police on a wild chase on June 17, 1994. At first, Simpson agreed to turn himself into police, but he no-showed the appointment. During his televised “confession” on FOX,  he said he took off because he was feeling depressed and had suicidal thoughts, and he told his friend Al Cowlings that he wanted to see Nicole’s grave.

“I just know this [the murder accusation] was going to be a long ordeal,” he said.

9. Simpson said he stopped the chase because he was listening to Dan Rather on the news. 

In the Regan interview, Simpson gave us a glimpse inside his mind as the Bronco was reaching high speeds.

“I was being depicted as a fugitive [by the media], but on the side of the road it was people cheering,” he said, referring to all of his “fans” that came out in support.

During the chase, he was listening to who he thought was CBS’ Dan Rather. Rather was talking about Simpson and listing the other incidents of domestic violence that he’d been involved with.

“That was the first time that week that I kind of woke up,” Simpson said. “Hey, man, listen to what they are saying about me.”

Rather “saved my life,” Simpson claimed. He was too proud. Simpson didn’t like being painted a wife beater.

“We immediately called the police,” he said. “We told them where we were, where we were going.”

After turning himself in, Simpson said that he was in solitary confinement for 17 months. Simpson claimed he looked so bad when he entered his “not guilty” plea because guards had been waking him up every 15 minutes. “You go through that every night and see what you look like,” Simpson said.

10. Simpson said he basically knew what the verdict would be. 

At the end of the interview, Simpson told Regan that he was not surprised by the verdict. He claimed that all of his fellow inmates, who had been closely watching the trial, assured him that he would be acquitted. However, before the verdict was read, Simpson told his friends and family that they could not celebrate.

“I want no celebrating because two people are still dead,” he said in the 2006 interview.

One year later, Simpson was involved in an unrelated armed robbery. He was convicted of leading a group of men into a Las Vegas hotel and stealing sports memorabilia at gunpoint. He was released from prison in October after spending 9 years behind bars.

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