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LawNewz to Release America’s Hottest Lawyers List, We Want Your Submissions


unnamedThere are dozens of lists released every year judging our nation’s lawyers for their legal prowess. Best litigator, best personal injury attorney, best M&A attorney, best patent attorney. The list of the lists literally goes on and on. We’ve even put one together ourselves of the country’s 38 best criminal defense attorneys.  But, markedly absent from all of them is the hottest lawyer list. In this category, lawyers tend to get a bad rap. We are ready to change that by showing the pure unadulterated heat that thrives at our nation’s law firms, corporate headquarters, district attorney’s offices, public defenders and yes, even those sitting on the bench. We know some of you will get on your legal high horse and judge us for judging them. Go ahead. We also know you will probably be the first to check out our list once it’s posted.

So here’s the deal: yes, looks matter but it’s not the only criteria. if you are gorgeous and in a flailing practice, we aren’t impressed. Think legal pageant with different categories. We will be taking submissions to [email protected]. Please include the following about the attorney (or yourself):  short bio, a picture (or video), place of business, and contact information if you have it. Our team of attorneys at LawNewz will review the submissions, and post the winners later this month. So send them our way!

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