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Fmr Trump Adviser Defends Anti-FBI Tweets as ‘Insurance Policy for the American People’


President Donald Trump has made a habit lately of going after the FBI — and particular current and former leaders — on Twitter. In the days before Christmas, Trump went after former FBI Director James Comey and current Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. While the attacks by the President against the law enforcement leaders have been criticized by some, Trump’s former campaign adviser Michael Caputo explained to CNN that it’s a good idea for Trump to strike back.

“The President’s tweets are insurance policy for the American people to make sure that its leading law enforcement organization remains unbiased,” Caputo told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day,” Tuesday morning.

Trump’s complaints against Comey were based on his leaking of details of conversations the two men had while Comey was still FBI Director, as well as his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The suspicion surrounding McCabe, who also played a role in the Clinton investigation, is based on his wife Dr. Jill McCabe‘s state senate campaign, which received $700,000 raised by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a known Clinton associate.

“I think Andrew McCabe needs to be challenged on his impartiality,” Caputo said. “I think the president is doing that and I appreciate those tweets I consider them an insurance policy for America.”

Caputo gave Special Counsel Robert Mueller credit for trying to maintain an unbiased approach to his own investigation by removing anti-Trump agents, but said, “he needs to do more.”

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