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Clinton Ally Sid Blumenthal Won’t Say Whether He’s Been Interviewed by FBI


Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 7.45.50 AMDuring MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews on Monday evening, Clinton confidante, Sidney Blumenthal, wouldn’t say whether or not he has been interviewed or contacted by the FBI regarding their investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s  private email server.

“I really don’t want to talk about an ongoing inquiry right now,” he said. The FBI is currently probing whether any laws were broken when classified information was transmitted on Clinton’s private email server.


MATTHEWS: We’ve got to ask you about the Clintons right now. And I guess the first question is, have you been interviewed by the FBI for this e-mail investigation by the FBI? Have you been interviewed?

BLUMENTHAL: Well, thank you, Chris. My feeling about this is that I’m as eager as anybody for this to be resolved, and what I would like for this to — for this to be completely transparent, and for the Department of Justice to finally issue its report.

I have been urging transparency. I urged that my deposition before the Benghazi Committee be made public the second I walked out. I wanted it to be a public hearing and not a private one.

So I’m in favor complete transparency in this process, and a very quick resolution, so that we can see that, in my view…

MATTHEWS: All right, great. I think most people want that.

BLUMENTHAL: … has no…


MATTHEWS: Have you been — but have you been interviewed by the FBI yet on this matter?

BLUMENTHAL: Well, I’m — you know, I really don’t want to talk about an ongoing inquiry right now.

MATTHEWS: You can’t say whether you’ve been interviewed or not?

BLUMENTHAL: Well, my feeling about it is, that let’s wait and see at the end, and see what happens to everybody involved in it, and see what the resolution is, and then I would like to see the Department of Justice issue a very transparent report.

An email sent to Blumenthal was intercepted by the hacker “Guccifer.” This incident is believed to be what first exposed Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. What’s interesting about the Matthews’ interview is that Blumenthal refers to the DOJ’s “final report.” Typically, the DOJ doesn’t issue reports on cases they are investigating. They usually either issue indictments, or close cases without charges. But, of course, this is not a normal case.

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