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Anthony Scaramucci’s Wife Tells Dr. Phil She Filed for Divorce When He Took White House Job


In an exclusive television interview on the Dr. Phil show, Diedre Scaramucci, revealed for the first time that she filed for divorce last July from her husband while she was nine-months pregnant with son James because Anthony took the job as White House job Communications Director without telling her.

The couple, who married in 2014, acknowledged that Deidre was kept in the dark about Anthony’s new role until it was too late. They said that first Anthony was campaigning with Donald Trump and the next thing Deirdre knew, Trump was president and then Anthony was hired.

“I knew that he always had political ambitions, but this kind of happened, and we never really discussed it before,” she said.

Anthony claimed that at the time he thought it was a good thing for his family, and thought because he was making money for them that they would be protected. He quickly realized he had made a mistake and vowed never to make such a error again as far as this relationship goes.

“I became overly ambitious on that at the great detriment to my marriage,” he said.

Lucky for them, he didn’t last long. Less than two weeks after he started the job, he was gone, but Anthony noted that this helped him gain a new perspective.

“Once I was rejected from the White House … it cause a major recentering of my priorities,” he said, and he focused more on his family.

Diedre Scaramucci withdrew her divorce papers this past Thanksgiving. She claims she simply missed Anthony and wanted him home with her and their children.

The interview with the Scaramuccis will air on Tuesday.

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