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Woman Drove 19 Miles with Ex on Hood of Car, Police Say


We’ve covered our share of broken relationships, so it takes a lot to shock us … well, color us astounded. A woman was arrested Sunday after she drove 19 miles with her ex-boyfriend on the hood of the car, police say. This story comes out of Lauderhill, Florida. Of course it happened in the Sunshine State, and yes, there’s video. Check it out above.

This started when Patresha Isidore got into the car to pick up her daughter from a relative’s home, said Lauderhill police in the arrest report. Her ex, Junior Francis, allegedly jumped on the hood to stop her from leaving. He told Local10 in a Wednesday report that they shared the vehicle, and he needed it. Did she stop? No. She kept driving onto the highway, Interstate 95.

Oh, boy, were there witnesses.

“What the actual fuck,” said a man in the video above. He is in a vehicle next to Isidore’s. “I am so fucking confused. Bro, mid-highway. This n—a riding on the hood like it’s no big deal, and there’s a b—h inside, bro, and she’s–I think they are talking to each other. Bro, she’s definitely pissed off at him, or something. This is fucking crazy. Bro, mid-95, bro. Most dangerous highway in the fucking planet, and this n—a riding.”

Isidore insisted she did nothing wrong.

“I feel like he put himself in danger,” Isidore told WSVN in a Tuesday report. “I didn’t put him in danger.” She called Francis a “psycho” ex who wouldn’t leave her alone, and she didn’t call 911 when he jumped on the hood because she believed cops wouldn’t arrive. Isidore insisted that Francis had plenty of opportunities to get off the vehicle.

Even so, cops accused her of going too far. She eventually stopped at an intersection, police said. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office eventually located the couple. She was arrested because she bypassed “multiple opportunities” to stop the car and call 911, police said. This “willfully” put Francis in danger, they said.

Isidore was taken into custody, but was released after posting bond.

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