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Wild Video Shows Woman Escaping from Suspected Sexual Assailant


Cops in Miami, Florida are looking for Tarvares Anthony Canty. The 34-year-old tried to forcibly enter a woman’s home Thursday morning, investigators claimed. That failed. Police claim that an hour later, he sexually assaulted a second woman, according to Local 10.

Newly released footage shows the first incident. You can see the video above. In it, a woman in white clothing is accompanied by a small dog, and she approaches the front door of a residence. She opens the door when a man, identified as Canty, walks up, and grabs her. She struggles as he seems to be attempting to force her back inside the residence. She runs away from the porch for a moment, and the suspect steps away as well. The woman returns to the residence, and shuts the door behind her. Once again, the suspect approaches the door, and seems to be attempting to open it. Finally, the woman rushes out past the suspect.

Cops identified Canty as the suspect as Saturday, but this video was released on Monday.

He is accused of committing attempted kidnapping and sexual assault.

[Screengrab via Local 10]

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