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‘We’re Going to Burn Down Your Book Store’: Trump Supporter Threatens Left-Wing Book Store (WATCH)


Revolution Books in Berkeley, California posted video in which a Trump supporter tells an employee, “We’re going to burn down your book store.” In a statement, the store said it happened Saturday afternoon when Trump supporters came to celebrate the anniversary of a pro-Trump rally in the city.

You can see the exchange in the video above.

“Fucking commie scum,” said a white man in a red MAGA hat. “You’re commie scum. We’re going to burn down your book store. You know that, right?”

When the bookstore employee points out they have him on tape saying this, the man mocking yells “Oh my God!”

“You’re the ones that are burning books,” said a woman, who identified herself as a Trump supporter. “You’re the ones that are trying to get rid of history.”

“Fucking marxist, judgmental pieces of shit,” the man said. “You can’t tell us how to live. This is America, hon.”

The footage goes on and on like that.

Employees told Kron4 that this is the 10th time these people have acted out in front of the store, but this is the first time anyone made a threat.

Police were called to the scene, but no arrests were made, employees said.

There’s other footage from the other side of the dispute. It was posted on Saturday by the Facebook account “Patriot Lexi of the Wild West.”

Law&Crime reached out for comment from the account, and a man tagged in the video post. No response was forthcoming as of press time.

Note (3/12/2018): The Berkeley Police Department told Law&Crime in an email that there is an ongoing investigation into the incident. They did not elaborate further.

[Screengrab via Revolution Books]

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