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Video Show Cops Telling Woman to Stop Calling 911 Hours Before Her Boyfriend Allegedly Murdered Her


In Sanford, Florida, cops told a woman to stop calling 911. This happened only hours before her violent death. Authorities were contacted several times on Monday because of disputes Latina Herring was having with Allen Cashe, according to a WESH report. This is the man who police now say ended up killing her and her 8-year-old with an AK-47.

The first call came at 3:20 a.m. on Monday. Herring claimed Cashe her house keys, and returned to return it. He denied that allegation.

“I’m not trying to play games,”Cashe reportedly told her. “You have an attitude coming home from the club drunk.”

Police were called again to a home twenty minutes later. It was Cashe and Herring yet again.

“She’s making false accusations,” an officer said on body-cam video released Friday. “It’s the second time she’s done it.”

Officers are heard saying that the dispute wasn’t physical, and they could do nothing about it. A cop apparently told her to stop calling.

“We’re going to handle it,” he said. “Just stop calling 911 and making accusations that you don’t know about.”

One office claimed that a frustrated Herring claimed she should’ve just lied, and said Cashe hit her.

What intially seemed unclear is who made which call when, however. One officer said Cashe made the report: “I think he’s calling because he’s afraid he’s going to do something to her.”

We’ve reached out to Sanford police for more information about who made which 911 call.

“Cashe a 911 call when Ms. Herring took his car keys out of his car,” they told “A 3rd Party caller called in the other 911 calls. Ms. Herring never called 911.”

Cashe was formally charged Friday with murdering Herring, and her 8-year-old son with an AK-47. He also allegedly tried to murder four others, including her other 7-year-old son, and her father. Jail records obtained by show he remains locked up at an Orange County facility. He has not publicly commented on the incident.

Update – April 3, 3:02 p.m.: Added a statement from Sanford police.

[Screengrab via Sanford police]

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