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VIDEO: Burglars Stole Stuffed Animals, Took No Cash


Be honest: If you ever robbed a business, you’d take the cash from the register. Correct? Police in Marietta, Oklahoma say two suspects broke into Rodney’s Flowers and Gifts early Monday morning. As seen on video, the duo broke windows to get inside, except they didn’t take money. They he didn’t even steal flowers.

Their loot: life-sized stuffed animals, according to a KTEN report. This included a Dalmatian, a lion, and what the outlet described as a “classic Valentine bear.” Each was priced at $250.

Store owner Rodney Pennington actually wonders why they didn’t take more expensive stuff.

“Why a stuffed animal and who knows?” he told the outlet. “Why they would take something of that value when there are so many other things that could have been taken.”

His shop got robbed in January, 2016, except that time the reported perps were a lot more predictable: They just took all the cash from the register. Monday’s incident seems like it might cost Pennington more, however: police say the suspects caused around $2,500 worth of property damage after breaking two display windows.

“This business is taking precautions to protect against these type of situations by adding surveillance and security systems,” Marietta Police Chief Dustin Scott said. “Unfortunately, that alone was not enough in this case to keep that from happening.”

The investigation is ongoing.

[Screengrab via KTEN]

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