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‘This Ain’t Your Country’: Woman Hurls Racist Rant at Asian Passenger on NYC Subway (VIDEO)


[Warning: the above video has profanity]

Crazy video uploaded to YouTube last week showing an encounter between two passengers on the New York City subway system is yet another in a long line of similar videos on public transport.

The video has now been viewed more than 100,000 times.

An unidentified mother can be seen verbally abusing an Asian passenger who she claimed stole her kid’s seat. The mother proceeded to then curse her out, push her on the ground and accuse her of not giving up the seat because her daughter is black. Two children could be seen seated next to the Asian woman.

“He didn’t get up for me because my daughter is black. He didn’t get up for me to sit with my daughter,” she yells. “You playing with my kids. If that was your kid you would be OK with it? So f–k you!”

The passenger took exception to the language being used multiple times and the angry mother replied, “F–k your language. F–k police, bitch! Y’all speak English? Tell her what she did wrong.”

“She put my child out a seat. This ain’t your country. Welcome to America,” she continued.

She then threatened to kick the woman. Eventually she pushed her on the floor and continued verbally abusing the passenger.

“Bitch, I’ll spit at you. You got me f–ked up. Welcome to America,” she yelled. “F–k your calm. Put my f–king child out a seat.”

Finally, the mother recognizes that she is being recorded and asks, “What you recording? My d–k in your mouth?” YouTube shows that the person who uploaded the video is Jose Amatute.

In another recent incident, this one on the Long Island Railroad, Edward Ruggiero, 58, was charged with a hate crime after being filmed calling a black woman a “monkey.” He later apologized.

Back in April, police said they were looking for a black man who wore a MAGA and allegedly threw a Hispanic man on the subway tracks.

And, while not the subway, who could forget the infamous Aaron Schlossberg — the New York lawyer who was not happy to hear Spanish being spoken at a restaurant. Another video of him calling an American citizen an “ugly f***ing foreigner” also surfaced after Schlossberg’s identification became known.

[Image via YouTube screengrab]

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